After you have applied to a college, you may then request an Official Transcript be sent to the institution. A transcript includes grades for all credit bearing classes since the 8th grade, your cumulative weighted GPA on a 4 point and a 100 point scale, and your highest ACT score. (Colleges do not consider this ACT score as official since it did not come directly from ACT.) It will do no good to send a transcript before you have submitted an application because the college will not have a file to match it with. Transcripts are not official unless sent from the high school with the school seal on them. Southaven High School will mail transcripts to 4 colleges of your choice at no cost. For each transcript above the 4th school, there is a $3 charge.

You will send a transcript in the fall after you have completed the admissions applications. In January, you will need to request SHS to send a "seven semester transcript" to the schools you are seriously considering. At the end of the year, you will complete a Senior Exit Form informing us of your final choice, and SHS will send a Final Graduation Transcript to that institution.

If you are a past graduate of SHS, you must request your transcript on-line at