Schedule Change Request Policy
At the beginning of each semester our office is flooded with schedule change requests. Please follow this policy in regards to schedule change requests:
1) Schedule Change Request forms (see below) are picked up and returned to the
Counseling Office for the first 3 days of each semester only. After three days have passed all schedule change
requests must go through Mr. Jones. Only 1 form per student.
2) No changes will be made based on teacher or period preference.
3) First priority will be changes concerning:
· Two classes the same period
· Missing classes- blank blocks on schedule
· Two of the same class
· In a class the student has previously passed
4) It is the student’s responsibility to return the textbook of the dropped course to the
5) You MUST follow your schedule until you are given a new one with changes made to it.

· You cannot re-take a course you have already taken and passed.
12 graders must attend 2 academic blocks per semester (sports and band do not
· 11th graders MUST attend school 3 blocks per semester
· 9th and 10th graders MUST attend school ALL 4 blocks

Semester courses are worth 1 credit and 9 week courses are worth 0.5 credits.

schedule change request beginning of semester·